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Fun Stuff


Animal A an animal chess.I think u all know it
Black Jack This game is like black jack taht play in casino.
Bomber Bomber Man game .Its easy to play and control
Chinese Chess Chinese chess game.Install 1st
Chicken Carnage Create chicken and use weapon to kill them,fun!!
Fire Man Be the people that save the ppl in fire to ambulance
Fire Man 2 Same with fire man
Fish Its is a fish that let u play
Guess Guess where the ppl gone
Cacth Catch the weird animal
Memory 2
Pie Throw Throw the pie to the Bll Gate
Pool Its A pool game like real.SHow Your Skill!!
Switch Off Swicth the icon untill off
Whack Dick Knock the thing to win. Fun!
Win Worm Collect the point and make the snake longer
W Slam Goal The Red round thing

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