A-1 Clipart Archive
A comprehensive archive that serves up over 300,000 clipart images. Includes animations, backgrounds, balls, bars, lines, icons and, of course, clipart. The site is easy to navigate and fast-loading and there's also helpful pointers to other graphics resources on the Web. Their new icons section offers over 3,000 icons in 23 categories. A new searchable, extensive database of graphics, fonts and Web resources listings has been added. If you run such a site yourself, be sure to submit it here. 

Animation Factory
There's over 13,000 free 3D animated GIF files, all nicely organized by category, at this awesome site. All of the images here are original graphics created by a group of artists in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. These graphics are available for free for use on non-commercial Web pages. Categories include bullets, buttons, alphabets, characters, office, flags, foreign languages, holidays, music, sports, transportation, Web elements and more. The best collection of its kind on the Web. 

Want faster-loading Web pages? Then check out this excellent, free online utility that can reduce the size and download times of GIF images from anywhere on your hard drive or the Web by up to 90%. You can crunch single GIFs for free (although you'll need to subscribe to crunch whole sites). Their new "JPEGCruncher" downsizes many other types of images to JPEG format, including GIF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and other formats. 

Major new free graphics site index that offers descriptions of the Web's top clipart sites. There's also a discussion forum where you can swap ideas and comments about graphics with other users. You'll also find a roundup of essential graphics freeware on the Web. 

Solid collection of various free graphics for use on your Web site. Here, you'll find over 34 pages of backgrounds, as well as 400 3D balls, 150 3D bullets, 300 arrows and 20 pages of bar lines. Other goodies include buttons, fonts, icons, space images and more. 

ZettWeb: Copyright-free pictures
There's over 2,000 royalty-free JPG photo images at this nicely organized site. Ideal for desktop wallpaper, as well as backgrounds. Categories include "patterns & art," "nature," "seasons," "cultural," "locations," "things around us," and "places." 

A+B+C Web Graphics
This site offers many original free graphics, suitable for Web pages. Categories include 3D balls, 3D bullets, arrows, banners, bar lines and small and large buttons. They'll also customize the graphics for you (limit one per visitor). They've recently greatly expanded their selection of Web page backgrounds and now offer over 8,000 images to choose from.