The Chat Directory
What better way to give you good chat sites than to give you a huge directory of just about all of them on the internet. This is a great site for picking out your favorite chat sites. The Chat Directory puts chat sites into categories such as Love, Music, Sports, Other, and just a big list of ALL of the chats available. offers an easy-to-set-up family Web site package that lets you share family news and photos and it features an online calendar, a chat room and more. Your family Web site here can be private and password-protected. 

Looking for a good chat on the Web? This site offers the most comprehensive roundup of daily chat events on the Net. Here, you'll find chat events arranged by topic and time, as well as other details, (such as whether the chat is moderated and what software is required to access the chat). Categories include music, books, TV & films, sports, computers, health & science, romance, education, business, travel and more. 

Family Point
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