A new free greeting cards site that offers an appealing selection of digital cards for every occasion. Categories here include "love," "nostalgia," "birthday," "flowers," "dolls," "bon voyage," "wildlife" and "pets," as well as general, all-purpose cards. You may select from either animated or non-animated images and if you can't think of what to say, there is even a variety of pre-written greetings available. You can personalize each card with your own message, text, background, music, etc. 

Greetings Online
Greetings Online's free cards are sent as attachments with your E-mail. Just select the category you want and pick a card from one of the thumbnail images. You can then preview, customize and send your card. The cards here all include animations, sound effects and background MIDI music. Your recipient will receive your card via an executable attachment. 

This site lets you send a personalized greeting card. More than 100 occasions & 500 different cards online. You can send pizzas, kisses, hugs, smiles & flowers. And if you run a Web site, this site allows you to easily create your own greeting card site for free---something that can help boost visitors! 

This advertiser-supported free service features musical digital postcards in many categories. Images include fine art (everyone from Manet to Pollock) and photography. Categories include birthday, friendship, get well, inspiration, insults, love, miss you and thank you. There's also over 100 songs from which you may choose for background music for your card. 

This is one of the better digital greeting card services around. The number of image categories is vast and includes: "Current holidays and special events," "Animals," "Indigenous Peoples" and "Art." You can also send V-Cards (Internet Camera Postcards) here. V-Cards are connected to Internet cameras, which intermittently take new snapshots. A V-Card of "sunny Antarctica" may change to "Antarctica at night" by the time the recipient picks up the card. This site is supported by advertising and every card you send from this site results in a donation to the World Wildlife Fund.