Cut'N'Paste JavaScript
This site (which requires visitors to use Netscape) contains over of 120 free client-side (no .cgi permissions needed!) JavaScripts for Web developers or folks building their own home pages. These scripts include picture puzzles, database searches, on-screen clocks and calendars, shopping days to Christmas, automatic sponsor rotators, screen color changers, URL country code selectors, calculators of all sorts, select form navigators, status line scrollers and other displays, animations and much, much more. The best part is not just that they are free, but that you can simply "cut" and "paste" them right into your HTML (for new Windows users, this means defining the text and then pressing "Control, C" to copy and then "Control, V" to paste). That's it. They are ready to run at your Web site immediately. 

JavaScript World
Lots of resources here: a discussion group, archives, a Q&A and JavaScript 

A massive Java & JavaScript resource. Not necessarily a source for free Java stuff, although freebies abound here. This is a fun site to browse to learn about the eye-popping things they're doing with Java nowadays. This programming language has definitely moved beyond the "scrolling text" applets phase. Categories here range from business & finance to entertainment to special effects to educational stuff and games. And yes, they do have scrolling text applets. Lots of them.
Here's a must-bookmark site for anyone who's interested in Java. This hefty site serves up free applets, tutorials, free zines, forums and JavaScript resources. Applets here include counters, clocks, games, search engines, menu & navigational applets, music and sound applets, slideshows, scrollers & ticker tapes and text animations. There are also interesting applets for manipulating images to create cool effects. 

Dynamic Drive
This unique site offers plenty of free, original Dynamic HTML scripts and components to enhance your Web site. An emerging medium, DHTML is an advanced form of JavaScript that can really make your Web pages come alive (particularly if you have a new browser). Categories here include menus & navigation systems, document effects, scrollers, image effects, links & buttons, clocks, text animations and more. 

The JavaScript Source
One of the best, most informative resources we've seen on the Web for JavaScript. This site offers lots of free "cut & paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. Source codes included. Examples includes background effects, buttons, calculators, calendars, clocks, cookies, equivalents, folder trees, forms, games, messages, navigational scripts, page details, password protection, scrolls, user details and much more. 

CGI Programming 101
Started in 1996, in an effort to help people learn CGI. CGI was, and often still is, thought of as some cryptic, difficult thing, but it's really not. It's easy to learn; if you know HTML, you can learn CGI.