WebJump offers a generous 25 megabytes of space. It's easy to get set up at this speedy hoster. WebJump offers a publishing tool that makes it easy to create pages here, even if you're a newbie with no HTML coding experience. There's also a free shopping cart option, if you want to do commerce on your site. Note that you must display their 150-by-60 pixel banner on each page. 

A solid, reliable new free Web hoster that offers you a very generous 50 megabytes of space, in exchange for displaying their 468-by-60 pixel banner, (which you may display either inline or as a pop-up). Your URL here will be http://www.50megs.com/YourSite. They also offer an easy-to-use online "EZ Web Builder" that allows you to create Web pages, even if you have no knowledge of HTML. Note: no adult or warez sites allowed. (50megs.com now offers FTP access). 

Here's a unique free service that gives you your own personal 20-megabyte Web-based online hard drive, available anywhere. With FreeDrive, you can easily upload & download any files you choose from anywhere. Handy for storing anything from work files to MP3s to images. This service is password-protected, so only you will have access to your FreeDrive (although, with the use of "Keywords," you can share access with friends and family----but their access will be limited to downloads only). File uploads can be done with almost all Netscape browsers and Internet Explorer. (If your copy of IE is before version 4.0, you'll need to upgrade to use FreeDrive.) 

Free Disk Space
Get up to 25 MB Free file storage.Easily upload,download,share and store you files on your own secure personal virtual hard drive." 

This is a free, ad-supported Web hosting service that offers you your choice of any one of six domains. Your site address here will be (for example) http://(YourSiteName).freeservers.com. FreeServers.com gives you 20 megabytes of space and "unlimited" E-mail addresses. You also get a free counter, a free guestbook and direct FTP access. (Members are required to display FreeServers.com's 468-by-60 pixel banner on their pages).