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     Hello ! Every Visitor. At first I want to say thanks to you all because to visit my web site. I do this website all is because I am interesting at computer and internet. I just want to try what can I do. I will try my best to make this web more attractive. Before I have do many website but all I feel not very good, so I closed it. this is first time I try my best to do and used many time to do. Now is holidays so I spend many time here. I feel that the website still very usual not very special.. I want to make it more special let you all can visit and visit .

     Now I Intro the website. This website is all the thing that I have uploading is useful and I have. The Morse Code the international code. this code is for telecommunication .This code is use at the long time but still use now. Before people use this code to send letter like e-mail, that is fast than letter. This easy to remember and send message privately.

     The software all is the best and hot download by the people now. So I will always update the software version let u all can get the newest version. And I will make the page more software let u all can download.

     The Midi is a music that no singer just have music. the midi no need to use many memory  so if your computer is slow so u can use this to hear song. the midi quality is also not very bad. it is very nice to hear like the real music.

     The wallpaper is for your computer back ground more extractive, comfortable, and more beautiful when u see it. You also can put your favorite picture at your back ground just a few simple steps. So Try It.

     The Fun Stuff Page have many mini games .The game is very funny some also can let you more happy. so try it. The mini game I will put more and more.

    Thank You